Women’s Woven Tote Bag – Decorative Embroidery


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There are a million and one things to love about this wonderful women’s woven tote bag. It is finely crafted, looks great, and will hold a ton of your basic essentials. This is the perfect beach bag, but can be used for all kinds of things. It comes in a rectangular shape that is slightly modified with a wider top. Two knotted rope handles appear at the top of the bag, and are the right length to fit easily over the shoulders. The straps are laced with colored beads. This handbag features broad horizontal stripes. The stripes come in a multicolored variety of styles. Decorative embroidery portrays seashells and starfish along the bag’s surface. This tote bag has a deep, roomy interior that is fully lined. This is a high quality tote bag that you won’t believe you could live without, once you experience owning it!


Green / Multicolor, Multicolor, Pink / Multicolor


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