Women’s Tri-Colored Designer Backpack


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It seems everywhere you look these days handbags are being made with an athletic look. This bag is no exception. It is made of three different colored materials. This backpack has a top zip closure. The zipper is been made of brass. The upper area of the bag has been made of a white colored material. The lower area of the front of the bag with a flat style zip compartment has been made of a red material. Side pockets been added in the color of blue and trimming on the bag has been placed on it. A double bow strap has been placed at the top of the bag. The straps are held with metal clasp. The back straps of the bag are made with a blue colored material. You will love the flashy look of this bag. You will also love the sporty look adds to any ensemble.


Black, Blue, Blue / Red, Dark Pink, Light Blue, Pink, Red


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