Women’s Textured and Flat Chic Backpack


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This is a stunning backpack which is bound to turn heads when you are carrying it. This a backpack which has had the body made of a blush colored material. The top has a drawstring closure. This drawstring has been made of a flat blush leather material. The ends of this drawstring have accent knots. The same flat material has been used to create the flap which is at the top of the bag. This flap also has a buckle and strap closure. Two pockets are made of the same material also have the buckle and strap closure at the bottom of the bag. A bow handle has been placed in the top of the bag made of the flat blush material. The stripes of the bag of been made of the same flat material. All the accents on the bag which are metal are made of a brass material.


Apricot, Black, Brown, Magenta, Pink, Wine Red


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