Women’s Square Flap-Top Crossbody Handbag – Braided Chains / Large Pearls


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This women’s square, flap-top crossbody handbag has it all! It is gorgeous to behold, beautifully designed and features masterful construction. The feminine details are subtle and elegant, such as the large faux pearls on one section of the gold double straps and the embossed diamond shapes that appear along the surface of the bag. . The bag has a flap top closure that is secured with a magnetized snap that is hidden on the underside of the bag. While compact, this bag has a nice, roomy interior. The bottom is flat, enabling the bag to stand upright. We are offering this bag for purchase in a pale shade of champagne, off white, bone or in classic black. You will love its sophisticated elegance coupled with its low maintenance. This is a fantastic handbag.


Black, White


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