Women’s Square Crossbody Bag – Zip Top / Narrow Strap


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Apart from its beauty, the first thing you will notice about this women’s square crossbody bag is how much room there is on the inside. There is an amazing amount, considering how compact the bag looks on the outside. This bag closes on top securely with an attractive, highly-polished, gold zipper. It has a sturdy, narrow strap that attaches to both sides of the top. The bottom of the bag is flat so that it can stand upright on any flat surface. This bag is made from our highly-demanded, eco-friendly engineered leather. This is a cruelty-free material that is durable, easy to maintain and that is cruelty-free. It looks and feels exactly like genuine leather, however. We are offering this bag in a wonderful assortment of beautiful colors. Select the one you like best from a cool, pale aqua, nude, which will go with everything, a bold, dark red, classic black or pristine white.


Black, Blue, Light Gray, Pink, Wine Red


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