Women’s Solid-Over-Stripes Backpack with Tan Trim


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The tan trim on this women’s solid-over-striped backpack is made from our highest quality engineered leather, a 100% cruelty-free substitute for genuine leather that has the exact same look and feel, but is more durable and easier to maintain. This backpack is made from our finest Nylon canvas, and provides a lightweight, durable bag with plenty of room to hold all of your basic essentials. The bag has a rounded top and double wide, padded straps. The straps are trimmed with white piping. A flap-top outer compartment appears on the outside the bag. It closes with an engineered leather strap that feeds into a silver colored metal, decorative bar. The backpack is flat on the bottom and can stand on its own. Two small pockets appear on each side of the bag. Select your favorite color from dark blue, red, purple or aqua. White stripes appear from the midpoint down, providing a sharp looking design that everyone will love.


Black, Green, Purple, Red, Royal Blue


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