Women’s Small Crossbody Clear Vinyl Bag – Decorative Floral Print / Colorful Trim


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Just how cute can a women’s small crossbody clear vinyl bag get? This one tops the bill with its clear exterior and pretty decorative floral print. It is shaped into the form of a modified rectangle with a rounded bottom. Colorful trim lines the outer edges and matches the short handle on top. A longer, thin engineered leather strap fits diagonally across the front of the body to keep the handbag close while you’re out, and to fee both hands. This bag features a zippered top. The clear vinyl from which it is made is a heavy duty material that is durable and low maintenance. The bag pretty white daisies with yellow centers appear over the surface. Select the trim color you like best from butterscotch, bright red, pink or classic black. The overall look is youthful, sassy and whimsical. It will go well with your fun personality. You’ll love it.


Black, Pink, Red, White, Yellow


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