Women’s Small Braided Rectangular Bag with Two Straps


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This women’s small braided rectangular bag comes with two straps. The strap that is permanently affixed to the top of the bag is made of a beautiful gold metal chain with large links. The second strap attaches to the sides of the bag with matching hardware and can be removed. The second strap is adjustable. There is a zipper at the top of the back. The rectangular shape of this bag is a horizontal style. The exterior consists of 2″ segments of engineered leather that are braided together to create a beautiful textural effect. Our cruelty-free engineered leather is our eco-friendly alternative to genuine leather that is more durable than genuine leather, and that is easier to maintain. We are offering this gorgeous bag for purchase in your choice of yellow, pink, pale mint, lavender or pale blue. We know you will love it.


Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Yellow


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