Women’s Round Crossbody Handbag – Kitty Face / Narrow Strap


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Achieve a sassy, whimsical look with this adorable women’s round crossbody handbag. It is a high quality handbag that has incredible workmanship and the best materials used to create a compact, round bag that has a cute kitty face on the front, consisting of ears and eyes that are strategically placed to make a subtle statement. This crossbody handbag is created from our best quality engineered leather, a manmade alternative to genuine leather that is both cruelty free and that is eco friendly. It looks and feels the same as real leather, but you will find that it is more durable and is easier to maintain. This bag has a surprising amount of room inside despite its compact design. It closes with a zipper around the parameter and has a narrow strap that is worn diagonally across the body. The bag is available for purchase in your choice of red, pink, pastel blue, white or in classic black. Buttons form the eyes, and appliques form the rest of the kitty face. You will smile when you see it. Expect to get compliments when you carry it.


Black, Brown, Gray, Pink, Red


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