Women’s Quilted Tote – Double Straps / Four Color Choices


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This women’s quilted tote will add a touch of elegance to your ensemble. It is a rectangular bag with a quilted texture surface. It has double straps for carrying, which are affixed with pretty gold metal buckles. The straps are long enough to go over the shoulders. The bottom of this bag is flat, and enables you to load it while it stands upright. You will be amazed by how much room is inside this fabulous bag. We used our finest quality engineered leather to make it. This cruelty-free leather alternative is noted for its durability and its resemblance to genuine leather. We are proud to say, however, that it is cruelty-free and eco friendly. We offer this bag for purchase in your choice of blue, white pink, dark blue and in classic black. This is a purchase you will never forget. It’s a great looking, high quality tote.


Black, Blue, Khaki, White


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