Women’s Pebble Textured Double Zipper Mini Wallet


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There are times when you need to just take a few items with you. There is no reason to use anything but something which looks wonderful to do this. This little mini wallet allows you all of this. This wallet is made of a pebble textured leather material. This wallet allows you all the space you need to carry the essentials. Two zip closures have been placed on the front of the wallet. These horizontal zip closures allow you more space to add items such as credit cards and ID cards. You can also carry small change inside these compartments. The top zip closure has a small chain attached to it. To this a metal loop. To this loop you could add keys or other items which you need to take with you. It could also be used to add charms, tassels or pom pom accents.


Black, Blue, Brown, Coffee, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Rose Red, Yellow


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