Women’s Middle Seamed Pebble Embossed Bag


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Have a look which is cute and sophisticated with this bag. This bag is made of a mauve colored leather with a small pebble texturing. Large bowed handles have been added to the panels. These handles have been added with matching lather pouches placed on the panels. The straight line top of the front panel has a gold metal embellishment added to the middle. A double stitch line has been added vertically to the middle of the panels. The sides have a slight inset at the top via the gold hoop attachments placed on them. A removable shoulder strap has been attached to these hoops. This bag has a flat bottom. A matching leather small strap has been added to one handle. A gold metal embellishments placed on a triangular piece of leather is on the end of this small strap.


Black, Gray, Royal Blue, Rubber Pink, Wine Red


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