Women’s Leather Backpack – Embossed Textured


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The leather this backpack is made from has an embossed texture added to it. This bag has a lot of room to place all of the items you need to take with you. This backpack is also easy to wear ans carry around. The top of the bag has a small handle. The body of the bag has a frame design. The flap in the front of the bag has an embossed medallion stitched t the middle of it. This medallion is made of matching leather. This flap is held on by a clasps which attaches to the metal attachment on the front of the bag, The front body of the bag has two zippers placed on each side. These vertical zippers has pocket compartments. The top of the body has a drawstring closure. Get this pack in the color choices of red, white and red.


Beige, Black, Bronze, Navy Blue, Rose, Wine


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