Women’s Large Tote Bag – Double Handles / Sleek Contemporary Style


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The sleek, contemporary style of this women’s large tote bag will assure that it will never go out of fashion. The bag is beautifully designed and has a generous capacity for holding your basic essentials or shopping items. It is a rectangular bag that is slightly wider at the top. The bottom can sit upright on any flat surface. This bag features two carrying handles that enable one to carry it normally as a purse, or to loop the handles over the shoulders. It features decorative seams down the center of the bag on both sides. We used our fine quality engineered leather to create this great looking handbag. This product is our cruelty-free alternative to genuine leather, although we doubt you will be able to detect the difference between the two. It is eco-friendly, very durable and easy to maintain, but it looks and feels exactly like genuine leather. We are offering this tote for purchase in your choice of five great colors. Select the one you like best from classic black, navy blue, white, red or denim blue. We know you will love it!


Black, Green, Red, Silver


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