Women’s Handbag Trio in Graduated Sizes and Gold Trim


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This women’s handbag trio is perfect for travel and for everyday wear. It is made from our best quality engineered leather, which looks and feels exactly like genuine leather, but that is cruelty-free and eco-friendly. You will be impressed by how durable this material is, and also how easy it is to take care of. These bags appear in three graduated sizes. The larges is a top-opening bucket bag with two carrying handles. It has a strap-flap that fastens with a polished gold twist closure. The bag is oval and flat on the bottom and can stand alone. It is roomy inside and can hold all of your basic essentials. The middle sized bag is a simple rectangle with a metal zipper on top. It has a detachable shoulder strap and is a great size for everyday wear. The third and smallest bag is an adorable wristlet, the perfect bag to wear to a concert so you can carry your tickets, ID and credit card in one lightweight place that is not cumbersome. This trio is available for purchase in your choice of pink, eggshell, classic black red or berry. It’s a look you will absolutely love!


Black, Pink, White, Wine Red


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