Women’s Gold Clasp Envelope Bag


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This is a classic styled envelope bag which has been made into a chic shoulder bag. This bag is made of a high quality leather. This leather has a pebble style design embossed into it. The front flap of the bag has an envelope design which is held closed with a gold clasp. A stitched V style embellishment has been added to the body of the bag under the area of the envelope flap. These sides and the bottom of the bag have been accent seamed. Small leather tabs have been added to the top sides of the bag. Gold hoops have been added to these tabs. An removable shoulder strap have been added to the gold hoops. This strap is made of a matching leather and has gold clasps attached to the ends. The color selections of this bag include black, red, gray and blue.


Black, Gray, Navy Blue, Pink, Purple, Wine


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