Women’s Gathered Pleat Enhanced Hobo Bag


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The top of this hobo bag has a slouch style design. A mid-width set of double handles have been added to each side. This bag has been attached to the bag by it being looped through metal hoops attached with leather tabs sewn onto the panels. The handles have been further secured with double silver rivets on each end. Gathered pleats have been added at the tops and bottoms of the panel tabs. These tabs are connected with each other on the front panel. This is achieved through a series of leather tabs ans metal hoops. A small flat and braided set of handles with two tassels added connects to the tabs. Buckle straps have been added to the sides. A script accent has been added to the middle of the front of the bag. The color options for this bag are ivory, brown, green and black.


Beige, Black, Brown 2, Coffee, Dark Pink, Gray, Pink


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