Women’s Four Piece Handbag Set


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This is a four piece set which will meet every need you could possibly have for handbag. The largest piece is a wide bucket style bag. This bag has a top which dips in the middle. The bag also features a strap buckle which goes around the middle of the bag in a vertical line. This strap has a brass closure which is decorative. This closure has been placed above middle area of the front of the bag. A set of straps has been attached to the bag. These bag straps are made and a matching red leather material. The straps have been attached to the bag on the outer area with matching colored stitching. This set also features a traditional rectangular handbag with a chain strap. A wristlet with a extra ornament is added to the set . A small wallet with the middle button completes the set.


Black, Blue, Gold, Red


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