Women’s Flower Embellished Handbag


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This is a lovely bag to carry with you any time you want to feel feminine and stylish. This is a satchel bag which is made of a textured leather. This nag has bowed handles which are attached to gold metal attachments. The sides are indented at the top. In the area gold loops have been added. Here the shoulder strap has been added to the bag. A 3D leather red rose has been added to the front panel. The rose has a white leather stem and which embossed leaves. This is a sweet cutting edge design. This design also offers a more feminine look. You will love the unique look this bag offers you. Get this bag in the color choices of navy blue, red and taupe. All of these color options come with a red rose with a white stem and leaf embellishment.


Black, Dark Gray, Eggplant, Khaki, Navy Blue, Rubber Pink, Wine Red


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