Women’s Duo Colored Chic Bowling Style Handbag


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You need to have this vintage style bags in your collection. It offers one look which comes back into style with those who are in the know. This is a bowling bag purse. This is a wonderful bag. This one features the use of two different colored rich colored fabrics. This bag has been made of a lighter colored material for the body. Vertical stitching and piping has been placed in the front middle area of the bag to give it in additionally wonderful work. The bow handles of the bag are made of a rich burgundy colored material. They have been attached with brass clasps. The top of the bag also features this burgundy material. This accent also has a brass script enhancement placed on it. A adjustable shoulder strap has been given to this bag. This is a removable strap.


Beige, Black, Gray, Pink, Red


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