Women’s Crocodile Textured Satchel with Three straps and Decorative Chain


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This women’s crocodile textured satchel is made from our durable, easy-to-maintain, engineered leather, a leather alternative of highest quality that is both eco-friendly and cruelty-free. It has the same look and feel as natural leather, but we think you’ll like it better. The bag features three straps. A long, removable strap fastens on each side of the bag, and double carrying handles are fixed at the top. A decorative chain travels across the front of the bag. We know you will love the wonderful crocodile texture of this bak. It zips at the top and has a flat bottom. We are offering it available for purchase in your choice of pink, classic black, tan, mint green or red. You simply won’t believe how much room there is inside!


Black, Brown, Green, Khaki, Pink, Wine Red


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