Women’s Colored Denim Handbag


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The relaxed look and feel of this casual style handbag is offered by the materials it is made from and the design aspects added to it. This nag is made from a soft to the touch denim. This denim has has a bight color added to it. The top of the bag has a dipped, rounded cut on each panel in the middle. A fabric strap in a contrasting color has been added on each side across the top. This offers a small set of handles. A matching set of larger handles have been added to the smaller handles. Contrasting colored leather tabs have been added to the handles on the middle and the sides. A contrasting colored double set of vertical stitching has been added to the middle of the panels. The bottom of the bag has a gather design. The tops of the bag have been flared. Get this bag in the color choices of light blue, hot pink and beige.


Black, Blue, Brown, Dark Red, Khaki, Red


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