Women’s Chic Upscale Backpack and Handbag


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This is an upscale version of the backpack handbag. This bag has been given a contoured cut. This gives it a look which is very European. This bag is made of a high quality material. The top of the bag features a sturdy, double stitch bowed handle. This allows you to carry it is a handbag when necessary. The sides of the bag have slip in pockets. The middle front of the bag has been accented with a triangular a style cut insert. A metal clasp has been placed in the front upper center area of this accent. The sides the bag have tabs. To these tabs a removable strap has been placed. The strap allows you to also carry the bag as a longer handbag. The same material used to create the bottom of the bag has been to create the back straps of the bag.


Black, Khaki


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