Women’s Braided Finish Trio Bag (3 Pcs)


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You’ve hit the jackpot with this great handbag deal! Take a look at this women’s braided finish bag trio! It comes in three great sizes, and the smaller bags can fit inside the larger ones. It is made from our highest quality engineered leather, which is 100% cruelty free, and the set comes in four delightful color choices. These bags are available in a bronze colored metallic finish, in white, deep red or classic black. The set consists of a large tote bag with double engineered leather handles. The exterior surface of all three bags is heavily textured, and comes in a braided or woven finish. The large tote zips on top. The medium sized bag is a rectangular shape, and has a zipper on top. The smallest bag also has a top zipper, but also comes with a wrist strap. Use the bags all together, or use them one at a time. They’re great for travel accessories or to give as gifts.


Black, Bronze, Royal Blue


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