Women’s Black-Accented Handbag with Matching Wristlet


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This women’s black-accented handbag will take you where you need to go! This is a great looking bag to carry with your dressier casual items, or to carry to the office. It features stunning black accents that give it a polished, finished look. It is created from our own premium quality engineered leather, a realistic looking alternative leather that is eco-friendly, cruelty-free and that is more durable than genuine leather. You will love its supple feel and easy maintenance. This bag features two black carrying straps on top, and a third detachable strap that hooks to the sides. A matching luggage tag dangles from the top. The wristlet matches the larger bag and has black pin-striping along the edges. This combination is available for purchase in your choice of pink, light blue, classic black, orange or in winter white. Try it with matching shoes for a knock-out look that you will love.


Black, Brown, Green, Khaki, Pink, Red


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