WMNS Zipper Top Leather Strap Denim Tote Bag with Compartments


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You are going to have the best of both worlds when you have a bag like this that you can enjoy using. The denim construction of the bag allows you to maintain a look that is casual and fun. This includes plenty of reinforced stitching throughout the seams and borders of the bag. The leather straps are attached to the front and back of the bag with reinforced stitching patches as well. The center of the bag dips down in the front and back to maintain the casual nature of the bag. Flat bottom means that the bag will stand on its own whenever you need to set it down. You can secure all your belongings within the bag thanks to a zipper closure in the top. Within the bag are several pockets that serve as compartments to make it easier for you to organize in the large space.


Beige, Black, Gray, Green, Khaki, White


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