WMNS Zip Top Slouch Crossbody Bag


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This is a zip top style bag. This is a bag which has a construction style borrowed from the design of fanny packs. This is a bag which offers a roomy interior for placing many of the items which are essential to carry with you. The bag is slouched in the middle area which creates a unique design. This bag has a rounded bottom. A embossed stitched circular pattern has been placed in the bottom middle area in the bag of the front. This bag features straps which have stitched accents placed on them. These are sturdy straps which are made to endure several uses. The color given to the material used to create this bag has a warm feel. This coloring allows you to mix and match these handbags with several of your ensembles. This is a chic and modern style crossbody bag you will love to carry.


Black, Brown, Yellow


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