WMNS Tied Handle Mini Cross Body Bag – Curved Flap Closure


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You can have even more fun whenever you are able to add a bag like this to your outfit. The leather bag is small enough to carry just the essentials which make it a perfect addition to your stylish outfits. The handle attached to the top of the bag is fastened in pace with the help of a metal fastener. The handle itself is a wide rolled and padded leather strap that is tied a third of the way up on one side for a conversation starter. The same gold metal is used in the shoulder strap as well as the clip and loop that fasten the strap to the side of the bag. The leather strap is stitched to the sides and loops around the metal loop to keep it right where you want it. The curved flap fastens in the front of the bag with the help of a snap.


Black, Green, Pink, White


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