WMNS Stitch Design Flap Accent Convertible Leather Handbag


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You can get the look you are going for without additional colors thanks to having a handbag like this one. The stitching in the base of the front and back of the bag creates a design that is three dimensional in the shape of concurrent squares. Covering part of this design is an accent flap that includes reinforced stitching as well. Metal and black create a circle with a bar through the middle to cover the access to the external pocket. Padded rolled leather handles are attached on the inside of the bag and are comfortable to carry your bag. Attached on the sides is a removable adjustable leather shoulder strap for when you would prefer to wear your handbag instead of carrying it. Attached to the handle is a metal chain with a puffball attached to it as well as printed long tags.


Black, Gray, Khaki, Pink, Red, Yellow


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