WMNS Stitch Accented Zigzag Design Chain Accent Double Strap Tote Bag


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You are going to have the fashionable look that will elevate any outfit when you have a bag like this in your collection. The design of the bag includes a zigzag pattern through stitching for a look all your own. The handle for the tote bag is made with the same color leather as the rest of the bag. It is accented by being fed through an interlocking chain. The strap also passes through metal reinforced eyelets on the front and back of the bag where they connect on the inside. The bag closes at the top with an accordion style opening in the middle. This will allow you to have easier access to more of your things when you are on the go. Printed tab at the top middle of the bag allows you to have a look that says you know fashion. Enjoy wearing this bag along with your favorite fashionable outfits to truly make a statement.


Black, Brown, Khaki, White


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