WMNS Slouch Style Diagonal Zipper Accent Single Handle Handbag


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You are going to love how fashionable you look like when you step out of the house carrying this bag. The grain leather of the bag is perfect for you to maintain a casual style that can easily be lifted to an elegant style depending on what you wear it with. Slouch style is present in the wide top that dips down in the middle when it is being carried. The single handle connects to the sides of the top with a metal ring. Full zipper in the top opens up access to the single compartment interior. Pouch pockets and a zipper pocket assist you in keeping everything organized within the bag itself. There is plenty of room to carry everything you want to have with you. There is an accent diagonal zipper across the front of the bag with a leather strap handle. Detachable shoulder strap offers you the option to wear instead of carry your bag.


Apricot, Black, Brown, Green, Wine Red


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