WMNS Sleek Double Reptile Handbag Set


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Sophistication and bold fashion choices come together to create this wonderful handbag set. This bag has been made of a material which resembles patent leather. A classic reptile style embossing has been given to the material. The front of the bag has an envelope style closure. This envelope closure has been given a unique cut. A metal closures been placed in the middle of this flap. This is a gold metal closure. Extra straps have been added to the bag and are removable at the sides. The handles placed on the bag are tall and bowed. These handles have a different reptile style print placed on them. The same print as seen on the strap has been added to the accents which run down the front of the bag vertically. A traditional style zipper wallet has been added to the set. The wallet has reptile embossing.


Black, Brown, Red


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