WMNS Scarf Accent Chain Enhanced Double Handle Patch Leather Tote Bag


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You are going to have an easier time turning heads when you have a tote bag like this available in your wardrobe. The patch leather design of the bag includes seams embossed in the leather to give the appearance of patches of leather that have been stitched together. This includes an embossed logo on the bottom corner of the front of the bag. There are metal reinforced eyelets on two points in the front and the back of the bag. This hosts the double leather strap and allows you to pull the top of the bag shut simply by picking up the bag. The leather straps are enhanced with the help of an interlocking chain that surrounds the strap. Attached on one side of the bag is a printed scarf to add a touch of elegance to your look. The large tote bag is versatile in the ability to go with practically anything.


Black, Brown, Khaki, Red


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