WMNS Rolled Leather Padded Handle Shoulder Bag – Flap Closure


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You are going to have everything you need to complete your look whenever you have a bag like this one available to you. The shoulder bag includes a long padded leather rolled handle. This is permanently attached to the top sides of the bag and can be used to carry or to wear the bag on your shoulder. The front of the bag is closed with the help of a flap closure. This is clasped into place with a metal tab that is attached to the front of the flap as well as a clasp that the tab passes through. The flap is made of grain leather along with the rest of the bag. This flap also includes a scrunch style that is perfect for you to add a little bit of style to everything you are wearing the bag with. The bag is wider at the bottom than at the top to offer you a style like a kettle ball.


Black, White, Yellow


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