WMNS Quilted Leather Zipper Top Chain and Strap Shoulder Bag


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You are going to love the stylish look you create whenever you are able to utilize this bag. The shoulder bag includes a quilted leather front that adds a look of sophistication to any look you are creating. The finished leather is soft and comfortable to touch. The sides of the bag include a flat front and a leather loop that is attached to the sides. This has a square metal loop that passes through it. The plastic link chain is attached to the metal square loop. This is then attached to a leather strap with the help of a metal link that passes through the looped end of the strap. Worn at your hip, this long strap allows you to always have access to the insides of your bag. The zipper at the top of the bag makes it possible for you to access everything inside of the bag. The leather pull on the zipper includes a metal reinforced eyelet that can be hooked into place when not in use for additional security.


Black, Blue, Khaki, White


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