WMNS Quilted Chain Accent Strap Shoulder Bag – Clasp Front Flap


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You are going to love the comfortable look you can create whenever you have a bag like this in your collection. The quilted design of the shoulder bag allows you to have a casual look and feel that is still fashionable. The flap in the front of the bag covers two thirds of the bag with a tab that juts down in the middle. This tab includes a metal rectangular hollow tab that the twisting clasp passes through to keep it held closed. This will protect all of your belongings inside of the bag. The shoulder strap is accented with a chain as well as a padded sash material where it crosses the shoulder. The chain is accented with a leather strap that passes in between the links of the chain. This fun and unique bag is one you are going to love adding to your different looks.


Black, Blue, Gray, Khaki


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