WMNS Plush Teddy Bear Style Backpack – Web Nylon Straps


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Getting the look that will turn heads is a lot easier when you are using a bag like this one. The plush look of the bag is perfect along with the ears to make it look like a teddy bear. There is even a zipper across the front of the bag where a mouth might be. The pull handle on the zipper is a large medallion that sports a teddy bear on it. The zipper for the main compartment of the bag arches over the top and to the sides of the bag to give you full access to everything inside the bag. Handle on the top of the bag allows you to easily pick it up when you are toting it form one place to another. The shoulder straps are made form nylon web and are adjustable to suit your needs when you are wearing it on your back.


Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Khaki


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