WMNS Perforated Decorated Leather Crossbody Bucket Style Bag


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You are going to have all the attention you desire when you have a bag like this in your collection. The leather bag is designed to impress thanks to the shapes that are created with the help of strategic perforation in the leather and a secondary layer underneath. This includes floral designs as well as stare and paisley. The top of the bag includes a full zipper and an arc that will nestle perfectly against the side of your body when you are wearing the bag as a crossbody bag. The strap for the bag attaches to the sides near the top with a tab and metal ring. The strap is secure on one side while the other side passes through the ring. The buckle on the strap allows you to adjust the length of the bag to go across the body or just on one shoulder as desired.


Black, Coffee, Khaki


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