WMNS Pearlescent Colored Clear Acrylic Cross Body Convertible Bag


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When you are looking for something that will turn heads, you will love having a bag like this in your wardrobe. The pearlescent color of the bag is present with a clear acrylic composition. This will show off everything you have inside the bag as well as attracting attention to the composition of the bag. The handles attached to the front and back of the back are reinforced stitched into place with a rolled and padded handle. This will allow you to carry the bag when you do not feel like wearing it. Full zipper in the top of the bag allows you to have full access to the interior of the single compartment bag. The fine chain shoulder strap is attached to the sides of the bag with metal clips fastened with a clear acrylic strap. This fashionable addition to your outfit will make you feel like getting out to show off your new look.




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