WMNS Patchwork Seamed Backpack – Tasseled Middle Zip Closed Compartment


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Is Hand that features a small bowed handle at the top back area. The straps of the bag have been made of a flat black colored leather. The body of the bag has been made of the leather which is been given an interesting visual design. This visual design is that of a stitch patchwork design. . The bottom of the bag has a flat bottom which makes it easy to place on surfaces. This bag features a zip closure which goes around the top of the bag in the front. Small pockets been added to the sides of the bag. This makes it easy for you to add additional items you need to carry with you. In the middle of the bag is a vertical stream strip added to it. The seamstress has an extra compartment which is been added to the backpack. This enclosure has been accented with two leather tassels.




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