WMNS Pastel Duffle Bag with Two Outer Pockets and Removable Strap


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This pastel duffle bag is perfect for the busy person on the go. It is ruggedly constructed from some of our best materials, and is masterfully crafted to last! It features two outer pockets. The smaller one is designed to securely hold your cell phone, and the other can hold items that you need quickly. The inner compartment zips on the top and is lockable, although a lock is not included. The back is squared off and flat on the bottom so that it can sit on any flat surface. It features a removable strap that fastens on each side, and a double strap that is fused together at the top, and that is long enough to slip your arm through, if desired. We are offering this duffle bag available for purchase in your choice of lavender, pale mint green or light blue.


Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Pink, Purple


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