WMNS Ombre Geometric Design Handbag Set


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This is a handbag set is a hip and fun. This Ombre colored set has a wonderful and striking look given to it. This is made from a geometric pattern which has been placed on all three bags in the set. The largest bag in set has a slight A-frame cut. It has tall handles and an adjustable strap added to it. The second bag in the shed has a chain style strap. The chain style strap has been made of a silver and colored metal material. The set also has a wallet. This wallet can be used as a wristlet and has a zip top closure. You can choose between the three bags depending on which will best suit your individual needs of the day. Additionally, you can use the clutch as a matching wallet when you are planning to head out and would like to have a style that appears to be very put together.




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