WMNS Matching Scale Effect Woven Leather Bag Set with Matching Wallet


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You can have even more for adding to your outfits whenever you have a bag set like this in your collection. The woven leather throughout the bags creates a look that is similar to scales that you would find on a fish. The matching color bags and wallet are perfect when worn alone, or when the wallet accompanies either one. The round wallet includes a zipper that goes almost all the way around the perimeter. There is also a clip that allows you to attach the wallet to the outside of the bag. The smaller bag looks just like the larger bag with a zipper across the top and loops attached to the sides of the top where the nylon web adjustable shoulder strap can connect. There is also a gold metal chain strap that can be used with the bag when you want a more upscale look.


Black, Blue, Brown, Coffee, Pink, Wine Red


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