WMNS Leather Flap and Buckle Crossbody Bag


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Having a bag which is very functional does not mean you have to give up on design. This bag is absolute proof of this. It is made of a chocolate colored leather material. This is a rich coloring which enhances the overall look of this incredible accessory. This is a flap closure style bag. This bag has a flat bottom which has been created with a smaller contoured cut. This bag is held closed with a strap and buckle closure. The buckle has been made of a brass metal. Small tabs have been placed at the top corner of the bag. Brass attachments have also been placed on these tabs. A long length crossbody bag strap has been added to these brass elements. You will find that this bag is easy to take with you in several settings. This bag is wonderful for carrying all the elements you need on the go.


Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Khaki


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