WMNS Large Leather Crossbody Bag with Matching Wallet


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You are going to love completing your outfits with this crossbody bag. The leather bag is large enough for you to carry everything you want with you. Full zipper across the top of the bag means you will have instant access to everything you put inside. There is a matching wallet that has the same full zipper at the top. This can be dropped within the bag to help you organize your belongings. The strap connects to the top sides of the bag and has a buckle on one side for when you would like to adjust the length of the wide strap. This finished leather bag is all in one color so you will have fewer problems when you would like to mix and match it along with your different outfits. The width of the bag and flat bottom means it will stand on its own whenever you have to put it down.


Black, Brown, Coffee Brown


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