WMNS Large Envelope Flap Crossbody Bag


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Clean lines and classic designs offer simple and chic elegance. This is a crossbody bag which gives you all of this. It has been made of a solid colored material. This material is of a high quality and has a wonderful look. The bag has a square style construction with rounded edges. It has a classic envelope style flap. This is a flap which has an extended length give into it. A button closure has been placed on the underside of the flap to keep it secure. A crossbody bag strap has been added to the size of the bag. This strap has been made of a matching material. This is an adjustable strap. This means that you can carry this bag a different lengths. This means you have more control of how the bag the look. The adjustable strap also also offers you more comfortable ways to wear it.


Apricot, Black


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