WMNS Grain Leather Tripod Handbag – Metal Accented Leather Straps


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You are going to look even better when you add a handbag like this to your look. Grain leather construction throughout the bag makes sure it is more durable and will last you even longer. The rolled and padded handles are attached to the front and back of the bag with the help of metal tabs and hinges. There is a faux buckle as well as a leather strap that is capped with metal that drops down from the tabs where the handles attach. Metal insignia in the middle of the front of the bag displays the name of the manufacturer. Attached to one of the handles is a short chain with three puffballs of different colors attached to it. There is an adjustable shoulder strap that can be attached to the sides of the bag when desired. The top of the bag can be secured when you are walking to protect your belongings inside.


Black, Blue, Gray, Pink, Purple, Red


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