WMNS Glossy Finish Quilted Flap Closure Cross Body Bag


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You can have the individual style you crave when you have a bag like this available to you. The glossy finish of the bag allows you to look your best while attracting attention. Quilted effect diamond stitched padded material is perfect to bring a classic touch to the modern look. The full width flap features a tab in the middle that hosts a metal plate with a slit in the middle. The twisting rod closure system allows you to have a secure top to make sure everything in the single compartment bag will be secure. The gold metal twisted link chain strap is attached to the top of the flap with the help of golden arches connected close to each side. The looping chain allows you to alter the length of the chain for wearing across the body or over the shoulder depending on which you prefer.


Beige, Black, Brown, Green, Light Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, Transparent, White, Yellow


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