WMNS Flap Closure Sandwich Bag Style Handbag – Removable Shoulder Strap


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You are going to have the look that everyone will be jealous of when you have a bag like this in your collection. Sandwich bag style of the bag means that it is wide at the base and tapers to the top where the flap closes the bag. Flap on the front of the bag includes a leather strap you can hold onto when you are opening or closing the bag. The hidden snap is where the flap is actually held in place for the bag to remain closed. Soft leather throughout the bag will feel soft against your skin whether you are carrying or wearing the bag. Single handle at the top of the bag allows you to easily carry it. Removable strap on the sides of the back of the bag will make sure you are getting more options for how you will wear the bag when you desire to do so.


Khaki, Pink


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