WMNS Embossed Grain Leather Flap and Strap Closure Shoulder Bag


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Getting the look that will make everyone take notice is a lot easier whenever you have a bag like this for you to wear. The grain leather bag is designed for you to enjoy wearing the bag for years to come. Embossed with the initials of the manufacturer in a diamond pattern, the front of the bag will stand out in a less than obvious way. The closure system for the bag is a full flap with a tab that goes down the middle of the bag. This features a strap across the middle of the bag that clasps in place. The clasp includes a long metal plate along with a twisting tab that passes through the middle of it. The shoulder strap attaches to the sides of the bag and is a wide adjustable nylon web strap so that you can wear the bag how you would prefer to wear it.


Black, Green, White, Yellow


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